Although we have been successfully be running AMU accredited courses for many years now, we are delighted to announce that we will be running the AMU’s revised accredited courses starting in September 2015. These qualifications bring together both traditional and modern materials and techniques used within the furniture and furnishings sector. Defined projects, together with workshop practice and the use of materials and technology, will introduce students to the core principles and practices of the sector. Students will also be able to explore personal areas of interest through individual choices throughout the duration of each course.

These courses are specifically designed for individuals wishing to enter the industry or alternatively those wishing to attain a high level of personal competence. They are slightly different from the current AMU courses which we are running at the moment. Updated courses will have the following slightly modified syllabuses:



Stage 1: Craft Certificate

This is a 210 hour course for students wishing to either start up in the upholstery industry or to become more proficient in their own skills. You will start to learn the traditional methods as well as some modern upholstery techniques. Exam pieces include a sprung dining chair and an upholstered and lined box as well as a written research project.

 Stage 2: Intermediate Craft Certificate

Within the same number of hours (210) stage 2 offers students the chance to develop new skills, as well as perfect current ones, as extra exercises are added to this course. There is a good mix of modern and traditional upholstery as well as business planning to help you set up and start your own venture. Exam pieces include an arm-less chair and a post 1950’s armchair alongside a written report.

Stage 3: Diploma

The Diploma year course, also a commitment of 210 hours, has been established to lead on from stages 1 and 2 to culminate all skills, practices and knowledge. At this stage students are given the skills to: work more independently,  work on larger and more complex pieces of furniture and also to enhance sewing skills which are nowadays needed more and more in modern upholstery methods.  Exam pieces include a substantial traditional armchair and a modern chair with a concave inside back as well as a written report.

Stage 3: Diploma Conversion Course

This 100 hour course has been designed for those past stage 3 students to attain their Diploma certificate. It is less intense than the Stage 3 diploma and focuses on the exam pieces only; working on a post 1950’s armchair and a modern chair with a concave back as well as a written report.


At the moment we are working out the 2015/2016 student timetable and so if you are interested in any of the above then please contact us directly via email: or call us on: 01337 810724.

You may also find more information on our accredited courses page on this website, click here to view.