Each year we offer up to eight Weekend Leisure Upholstery Courses. As always, each course is different however the past two weekend classes that have run have generated such energy and enthusiasm - for the upholstery trade and this specific way of teaching, that we wanted to share it with you!

Here are what some of our students had to say...

"​I learnt so much from everyone in such a small amount of time! Everyone was so welcoming, had fantastic teaching skills and exceptional patience with me as I attempted to master the slipknot. I am so excited about attempting to finish the chair myself and will be shortly buying all the bits and pieces to do so. Thank you to each of you for sharing a little of your vast collective knowledge with me and for giving me the confidence to attempt the next stages of my project on my own."

"Upholstery is not easy but it is not as difficult as I thought it would be thanks to the way it was presented at the course. Particularly the way that absolute beginners like us were able to learn techniques that were used to achieve a result. Sometimes when courses are offered to beginners and experienced alike they really do not cater for beginners in an interesting and value for money way. You did!! We would be happy to do this again at a later date and would like to thank you for the homely relaxed and down to earth presentation of the course. We both had a great time with you in Fife so much so that we went out 2 weeks ago and bought 2 second-hand chairs – nothing fancy but upholstered seats and backs, let the learning continue!"

"Really enjoyed this course, great people and plenty of help on hand to guide you through your project. Fun, tea and cake along with fabulous lunches and guaranteed you will be delighted with your completed project. I love my chair and have had so many compliments about it, can't wait to start something else!"

"Massive thanks also to Steve for his beautiful lunches each day and to puppy Finn for giving my foot several encouraging licks during the course of the two days."

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